Edgewood Highland School160 Pawtuxet Avenue Cranston, RI 02905-4044 Main Office Telephone: 401-270-8065 Main Office Fax: 401-270-8534

Principal: Marlene R. Gamba
Office Secretary: Gail Broadbent
If you wish to have color copy of our Feinstein Newsletter you can print a copy the link is on our Feinstein Newsletter page





Edgewood Highland-Feinstein Leadership School Update

The students at Edgewood Highland participate in the Feinstein Junior Scholar
Program. Feinstein Junior Scholars make the world a better place. They are ambassadors of good will and do good deeds whenever possible throughout the year. They participate in the fight against hunger in Rhode Island by organizing canned food drives to benefit local community agencies. They contribute good
deed examples for school wide publication twice a year

There are many benefits to being a Feinstein Junior Scholar. Some of those benefits include: positively impacting the lives of others (intrinsic reward), receiving Junior Scholar Cards which include free admission to amazing places, including Mystic Aquarium, (extrinsic reward) , a free t-shirt and college scholarship opportunities. In the spring our students will be going to Mystic Aquarium. The bus to be paid for by the Feinstein Foundation and their Feinstein Junior scholar Cards afforded them free admission.
Edgewood Highland holds food drives have helped local families and agencies, such as
Cranston Family Center and Cranston Community Action Program. As a result of being a Feinstein Leadership School we-have received matching donations to benefit the school for each food item collected up to $1000, $1000 donation for our January Newsletter, a yearbook grant and community partnerships. Our generous staff and families provides necessities for needy families.

We also hold spirit weeks and the students have donated to the American Cancer Society and Leukemia Foundation. We emphasize good deeds and kindness with our bulldog paw program. The theme for school year 2016-2017 “Always be humble and kind!” We currently are sharing our kind deeds on our “kindness garland” that is strung in the lobby.

We have used the donated funds to purchase items which will benefit the entire learning community. So far, we have purchased 25 Chrome Book computers, two 70 inch large screen TV’s for classroom lessons and mini laptops to be. We also updated our computer lab with new computers and chairs. We are very grateful to Mr. Feinstein and his organization for their continued support of Edgewood Highland. Mr. Feinstein is certainly humble and kind!!!

Encourage your Feinstein Junior Scholar to continue to make a
difference in the community.


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Principal's letter for 2016-2017 on this page and the link to our School Improvement Plan


Edgewood Becomes a Feinstein Leadership School

Feinstein Newsletter for Fall/ Winter 2015 is on the Feinstein Newsletter Page..please feel free to print it in color. Thank you

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Dear Edgewood Families:

Our school will be having a major face lift this summer our heating and air conditioning system will be replaced with a new modern system. This update will improve our educational climate.

Our action plans for the 2016-2017 school year have been updated, we will continue to use data to differentiated instruction in the area of reading and math. School wide, we will continue to prioritize writing in our classes. Our action plans are posted on the school website. We will continue to support the common core which will help students to become successful digital citizens.

Our list serv for parents was very successful. We hope more parents will join this year. Throughout the year, our family involvement committee will be looking for support and volunteers to help us provide the best educational experiences for our children and their families. Please contact Robin Gervais at the Cranston Family Center
__270-8495__ to become more involved, we need your input.

First bell is at 8:15-students gather in multipurpose room for morning exercises at that time. School hours are 8:25-2:40-Any student who arrives after 8:25 will be marked late. All students will receive letters in August from their new classroom teacher.

Monday, AUGUST 29 -5:30-6:30 PM-Meet and greet the teachers at Edgewood Highland
First Day of school is Thursday,September 1, 2016Monday September 5- No school Labor DayTuesday, September 13- Primary Day no school
Fall Pictures-Friday September 16-all day foyer
Open House- Wednesday, September 21 -6:30-7:30
Book Fair September 19-September 22

Lunch and recess schedule :
Lunch / Recess Grades K, 1& 2 – 11:25-11:50 lunch- recess 11:50-12:10
Lunch/Recess Grades 3, 4, & 5- 12:10- 12:35 lunch-recess 12:35-12:55

Thank you
Mrs. Marlene R. Gamba

Link to School Improvement Plan 2016-2017

If you want to find out what ACES stands for check out the principal's page

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