Edgewood Highland School160 Pawtuxet Avenue Cranston, RI 02905-4044 Main Office Telephone: 401-270-8065 Main Office Fax: 401-270-8534

Principal: Marlene R. Gamba
Office Secretary: Gail Broadbent
If you wish to have color copy of our Feinstein Newsletter you can print a copy the link is on our Feinstein Newsletter page
PTO Meeting Mon. Nov. 20th
6:00–7:00 PM - Library
Presentation on the new report cards presented by:
Mrs. Gamba, Principal
Mrs. Gustafson, Director of Curriculum and Educational Programs

Principal's Newsletter

Dear Edgewood families,
Our PBIS team planned an exciting initiative to encourage positive behavior. PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention System. The team developed “your passport to success.” The students in each classroom will be issued a student passport which contains all the rules and behaviors expected in the hallway, upon arrival, in the lunchroom, restrooms, at assemblies and during fire drills. As the teachers go over the behaviors expected, the students will get a stamp in their passport. These passports will be kept in the classrooms, as an effort to encourage positive behaviors. A bulletin board in the corridor highlights this initiative.

We will continue to highlight writing, through the use of ACES which stands for A-answer the question, C-cite evidence, E-expand on evidence and S-summary statement. As we transition from PARCC to RICAS, we will continue to focus on the reading and writing connection. Students are learning to become critical readers that are able to make inferences and to cite evidence to support their ideas.

In the area of math, we continue to make progress with EUREKA, our new math curriculum. Students are becoming more proficient in the area of mathematical thinking to solve complex problems.

Mon. Nov. 20th – PTO meeting – 6:00 library

Nov. 23rd – Nov. 24th – Thanksgiving recess

Estimadas familias de Edgewood,
Nuestro equipo de PBIS planeó una iniciativa emocionante para fomentar el comportamiento positivo. PBIS significa Sistema de Intervención de Comportamiento Positivo. Los estudiantes en cada salón de clases recibirán un pasaporte de estudiante que contiene todas las reglas y comportamientos esperados en el pasillo, a su llegada, en el comedor, los baños, en las asambleas y durante los simulacros de incendio. A medida que los maestros repasan los comportamientos esperados, los estudiantes recibirán un sello en su pasaporte. Estos pasaportes se mantendrán en las aulas, como un esfuerzo para fomentar comportamientos positivos. Un boletín en el pasillo destaca esta iniciativa.

Seguiremos poniendo de relieve la escritura, a través del uso de ACES que significa A-responder a la pregunta, C-citar evidencia, E-expandir la evidencia y S-resumen de la declaración. Al pasar de PARCC a RICAS, continuaremos enfocándonos en la conexión de lectura y escritura. Los estudiantes están aprendiendo a convertirse en lectores críticos que son capaces de hacer inferencias y citar pruebas para apoyar sus ideas.

En el área de matemáticas, seguimos avanzando con EUREKA, nuestro nuevo currículo de matemáticas. Los estudiantes son cada vez más competentes en el área de pensamiento matemático para resolver problemas complejos.


Jueves 21 de septiembre - no hay escuela Rosh Hashaná

Del 25 de septiembre al 29 de septiembre - Feria del libro durante la clase de biblioteca

26 de septiembre - Open House
Feria del Libro abierta para los padres de 6:00 - 6:30
6:30 - presentación en la sala polivalente - programa Fuel Up 160 - introducción de personal
6:45 - 7:15 - visita a las aulas
7:15 - 7:30 - Reapertura de la Feria del Libro

Lun. 9 de octubre - Día de Colón - sin escuela

Jueves 9 de noviembre - Asamblea del Día de los Veteranos - 9:30 sala multiusos

Jueves 9 de noviembre - Festival de la cosecha de otoño - 5:30 - 7:00 p.m. sala multipropósito

Vie. 10 de noviembre - Día de los Veteranos - sin escuela

Lun. 20 de noviembre - Reunión de PTO - 6:00 biblioteca

Nov. 23rd - Nov. 24th - Receso de Acción de Gracias


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Principal's letter for 2016-2017 on this page and the link to our School Improvement Plan


Edgewood Becomes a Feinstein Leadership School

Feinstein Newsletter for Fall/ Winter 2015 is on the Feinstein Newsletter Page..please feel free to print it in color. Thank you

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Dear Edgewood Families: 2017-2018

Our school’s air quality has significantly improved with the new heating and air conditioning system. Our school was recognized by state officials, who honored us with a special award.

Our action plans for the 2017-2018 school year have been updated and we will emphasize student engagement. We will continue to prioritize writing and math in our classes. The plans are posted on the school website. Our mission is to support the common core which will help students to become successful digital citizens.

This year we are encouraging parents to use our list serv. In an effort to become more efficient with communication, we will be announcing your child’s teacher for next year in an email to be delivered the second week of August. In case you do not belong to a listserv you can contact the school.

Throughout the year, our family involvement committee will be looking for support and volunteers to help us provide the best educational experiences for our children and their families. Please contact Robin Gervais at the Cranston Family Center 270-8495 to become more involved, we need your input.

First bell is at 8:15-students gather in multipurpose room for morning exercises at that time. School hours are 8:25-2:40-Any student who arrives after 8:25 will be marked late.

Thursday, AUGUST 31 -5:30-6:30 PM-Meet and greet the teachers at Edgewood in the multipurpose room
Tuesday, September 5-first day of school
Open House- Tuesday, September 26 -6:30-7:30

Lunch and recess schedule:

Lunch / Recess Grades K, 1& 2 – 11:25-11:50 lunch- recess 11:50-12:10

Lunch/Recess Grades 3, 4, & 5- 12:10- 12:35 lunch-recess 12:35-12:55

Thank you
Mrs. Marlene R. Gamba

If you want to find out what ACES stands for check out the principal's page

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