Acceptable Use Policy

These rules are to protect students from harm when using school computers. Students who break the rules will be reported to the teacher in charge, the principal, and the parents. The teacher in charge and the principal may suspend computer privileges, call the police, and/or suspend the student from school.

We Use Computers for Educational Use:

1. Edgewood Highland School provides computers and other technology for learning uses only. Students may use computers for writing, reading, math and Internet assignments.

2. Students must follow the rules written in their planners/agendas.

3. Students may not use the computer to visit any sites with hate, violence, nudity, or sex.

Student Internet Access:

1. Students will have access to computers in the classroom or the computer lab.
2. Students and the parent or guardian must sign this agreement.

Unacceptable Internet Use:

1. Students may not give personal information over the internet such as their
name, address, phone number, the school they attend and other personal
2. Students may not meet anyone in person they have met on-line.
3. Students must tell their teachers immediately if they received any messages or
open a web site that makes them uncomfortable.
4. Students must not visit any web sites that are about hate, violence, sex, or
5. Students must not download material from the internet.
6. Students must not share their password with anyone.
7. Students will avoid spreading computer viruses.
8. Students will not send, display, or receive bad or hateful language.
9. Students will not send, show, or receive messages using a fake name.
10. Students will respect the privacy of others, they will not send private information about another person.
11. Students will not download anything from the Internet.

Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement

1. Students will give proper credit to authors of information gathered from CD-
ROMS and the Internet. Plagiarism is taking the ideas of writings of others and presenting them as your own.
2. Students will respect the rights of copyright owners.

Inappropriate Access to Material

1. Students will not visit or use Internet sites about hate, violence, nudity, or sex.
2. Students will not use chat rooms, instant messaging or social networks.

Student User Agreement

As a user of the Edgewood Highland computer network, I agree to follow the rules of the Technology Acceptable Use Policy.

_ _
Student Signature Date


As the parent/guardian of the minor student signing above, I have read the Technology Acceptable Use Policy and agree to promote this policy with my son/daughter. Having read the policy, I grant permission for my son/daughter to access networked computer services such as CD-ROMS and the Internet.

_ _
Parent/Guardian Signature Date