This is Mrs. Gallo and I am very happy to be the art teacher at EHS this year!
The first quarter in art is dedicated to the ELEMENTS AND PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN. All grades will be learning and/or reviewing these very important design elements. They include line, shape, color, texture, form, emphasis, and contrast to name a few. As you can see, we can not create art without an understanding of these elements. After all, they are in ALL of our artwork, and even seen in our everyday life! I also talk to the students about art and what it means to them. Where is art created? Do they do art everyday? Do you, their parents, do art everyday? Ask them what they learned, you may be surprised by their answers!
I will check in quarterly, and post some of the beautiful artwork created by your children in the future! ~See you soon, Mrs. Gallo
September - 2011