Dismissal Procedure
Dear Edgewood Parents,
In an effort to create a safer and more orderly dismissal, parents may not enter the school to pick up the children. The dismsissal procedure is as follows:

  1. Students in grades k-2 will be dismissed to parents through the rear (playground) door. Children will be released to the parents out that door.
  2. Students in grade 3-6 will be dismissed through the front doors outside at 2:30. Parents will pick up their children at the front door.
Older siblings who have brothers or sisters in grades k-2 will pick up their sibling at the back door and then you will exit through the playground doors.

Most important , please remember there is no parking in front of the school to allow for bus pick up. There is plenty of parking on Pawtuxet and neighboring streets as well as on the side of the building.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Marlene R. Gamba