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What is Literacy at Edgewood Highland School?

We (Mrs. Cicerone and Mrs. Giuliano) are the Reading Team here at Edgewood Highlands. We are passionate about our mission of teaching our students to become life long readers and writers and supporting families in promoting literacy with their children at home. In addition, we work closely with our teachers to support heir learning of best practices in literacy.

Mrs. Cicerone:

Received her Masters in Teaching and her Masters in Literacy from Rhode Island College. She is a certified Reading Recovery Teacher and is Nationally Board Certified in Early Literacy and Language Arts. She teaches grades K-2 and Reading Recovery students.

Mrs. Giuliano:

Received her bachelors of science degree in Language Arts from Rhode Island College and her Masters degree in Literacy from Providence College. She teaches grades 3-6. In a previous life, she taught grade 1 at Edgewood for 10 years.

What the Reading Team Does:

  • The Reading Team can often be found wearing matching outfits as they plan school wide literacy initiatives and professional development for our faculty.

  • Our focus during the past 3 years has been to strengthen the writing abilities in a variety of genres. We began with ACES as a tool for constructed response. Answer the question, Cite evidence from the text to support your answer, Expand on the evidence by writing more about it, and Summarize your point.

  • Last year we extended our ACES work to writing an opinion piece in grades K-1 and an argument in grades 3-6. We chose this genre because we felt it is important life skill for our students to be able to write so as to convince their reader of their point.

  • This year we are extending our ACES and opinion/argument writing to include a writers workshop model in our classrooms to engage our students in actively participating in their own writing process whether it is writing to a prompt provided by the teacher or their own narrative, poem, research etc.

How Writer's Workshop Model Works in a Classroom:

  1. Teachers present a 15 minute mini-lesson to address something the students need to incorporate into their writing (proper grammar, how to make a character come to life, how to summarize effectively etc)
  2. Students then go off and write for 30- 45 mins
  3. The teacher meets with individual students to go over their writing and coach them to make it better.
  4. Students get to publish a finished product in the form of a book.

Helpful Links to Support Your Child at Home:

Grades K-2:


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Hubbard's Cupboard
Hubbard's Cupboard


Reading Rockets
Reading Rockets



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Grades 3-6 Coming Soon!!!!!