Edgewood Highland School Maureen Duggan Santos Memorial Library401-270-8533

Teacher Librarian: Ms. Tanner

On-Line Catalog: RICAT


Library Hours:
The Library is staffed with a certified Teacher-Librarian on
Tuesday: 8:10-2:45
Wednesday: 8:10-11:00
Thursday: 8:10-2:45

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Book Exchange
Each classroom is scheduled for one library period each week (Kindergarten bi-weekly).
Students check out books on a bi-weekly basis.
Please check student planners for their library book due dates - most students mark the date with LBD (Library Books Due).
Kindergarten students will begin checking out books after the winter break.
First Grade may check out one book at a time.
Second - Sixth Grade must check out one reading book and may check out a second book or a magazine.


Edgewood Highland is a technology school. Each grade has an interactive white board, either a Promethean Board or a Smart Board. Each classroom has at least four computers and our library computer lab as 30 computers. All of our computers are Windows XP with Office 2007 and have programs for Reading, Math, and Writing. Edgewood Highland has two laptop computer carts (COWs - Computers on Wheels) for the Fifth and Sixth Grades, one for each grade. We also have two AlphaSmart carts for students in Grades Three and Four. In addition, the Sixth grade is piloting use of iPads in the classroom.

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