Mrs. Coelho, Room 1, Second Grade


Mrs. Isabel CoelhoB.S. [[#|Rhode Island College]], Elementary Education &[[#|Early Childhood Education]]B.A. Rhode Island College, SpanishM.ED in Reading Rhode Island CollegeNo Child Left Behind: Highly Qualified

Welcome to Second Grade! My name is Isabel Coelho and I will be your child’s teacher. This year will be a very busy and exciting year for your child. Here are a few things we’ll be working on throughout the school year.

Isabook.jpg Reading In second grade we read a variety of ways from our poetry, stories from our reading series, guided reading groups, biographies, fiction and non fiction books. Strategies to help your child with [[#|reading comprehension]]: *ask questions *visualize *synthesize * predict and infer *determine important information *Make connections to self, other texts and the world Strategies to help your child read: *use picture * try again *look for smaller words or chunks *skip the word and read to the end, then go back *reread Ask your child: “Does it look right?” , “Does it sound right?” And “Does it make sense?”

Isapencil.jpg Writing In second grade the children write for many purposes. Daily journals are used and it becomes a dialogue journal between the teacher and the student. Other [[#|forms]] of writing that the students will be doing this year are: ACES: which are constructed responses , iterature response journals, poetry, words of wisdom prompts, expository writing as well as narratives. Furthermore, each student has a writing folder to keep a collection of their writing pieces. Also, in second grade it is important that the students know the writing process. They will become responsible for their writing and where they are in their own writing process.

Writing Process Brainstorm, First Draft ,Revising, Editing, Final Draft, Publishing

Science Here are a few of the topics the students will learn in Science: *Human Characteristics*The Solar System/ The Universe*Weather and Water*Matter
Isaworld.jpg Social Studies In Social Studies the students will discuss and learn about: *The earth-geography * Families *Our home * The working world *Discovering the past *People, places and holidays
Isareader.jpg Number and OperationsGeometry & MeasurementData, Statistics & ProbabilityFunctions &Algebra


FYI Lunch- 11:25-11:55 Recess: 11:55-12:10

• Monday- Physical Education(please wear appropriate shoes)

•Tuesday- Art


•Thursday-Physical Education(please wear appropriate shoes)

• Friday- Library


Keep In Mind • School begins at 8:25 and ends at 2:40. *Homework is given Monday-Thursday • Spelling tests given on Friday • Lunch costs $2.50 and milk costs $0.50 • Practice spelling words nightly.

* Students should read nightly (about 10-20 minutes) • Continue to review addition and subtraction facts • If your child is absent, please notify the school.


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